About Syften

The world is overflowing with user generated data - a stream of countless comments in innumerable discussions. And the vast majority of it has no value to you. We help you find the bits that you can action.

Think of Syften as automated gold panning - picking those valuable gold nuggets in a vast stream of irrelevant chatter.

Syften was born in 2019 and now it's available to you. Enjoy!

Who's Behind It?

Michal Mazurek

Michal Mazurek is a graduate of Wroclaw University's Computer Science department. After working for multiple startups and running a few of his own products, Michal knows the hard work that goes into acquiring and understanding the needs of your first customers.

Nearly ten years of commercial work and past membership in the OpenBSD project give him the experience needed to deliver a high quality product to those who need it.

Michal lives in Krakow, and in his spare time dances the Argentine tango.