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14 December Michal Mazurek / guide

According to Google, with Alerts “You can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google Search. For example, you can get info about news, products, or mentions of your name.”

And indeed that’s what it used to be. But that’s not true anymore. Not since 2012.

13 November Michal Mazurek / guide

Sexy headlines of companies becoming overnight viral successes reach our eyeballs every day. But the reality is that a lot of businesses rely on systematically sending cold emails to grow. Quite a few lead finders specialize in identifying “companies between 51 and 200 employees in the automotive industry”. But what if you’re looking for something more specific?

11 October Michal Mazurek / guide

The value of Syften depends on the quality of your filters. Let’s have a look at how to construct a good one.

In this guide we’ll learn how to uncover potential new users for Syften itself.

23 September Michal Mazurek / guide

After weeks and weeks of furious coding your product is finally ready. Identifying a problem to solve, selecting the right technology, designing your architecture, solving technical problems and squashing bugs. At long last it’s done and ready for your users to enjoy. There is just one problem – you don’t have any users.

Now it’s time for the hard part.

06 August Michal Mazurek / guide