16 October Michal Mazurek / product update

Is your gallant team too busy with content marketing to stay up to date with their colleagues’ efforts? Introducing the new type: keyword, designed to help teams stay in sync.

16 October Michal Mazurek / product update
11 October Michal Mazurek / guide

The value of Syften depends on the quality of your filters. Let’s have a look at how to construct a good one.

In this guide we’ll learn how to uncover potential new users for Syften itself.

04 October Michal Mazurek / product update
23 September Michal Mazurek / guide

After weeks and weeks of furious coding your product is finally ready. Identifying a problem to solve, selecting the right technology, designing your architecture, solving technical problems and squashing bugs. At long last it’s done and ready for your users to enjoy. There is just one problem – you don’t have any users.

Now it’s time for the hard part.