TrackReddit is no more

On the first of October, 2020, Reddit user u/shebang wrote:

I was wondering why my last payment to TrackReddit was refunded, but hadn’t gotten around to looking into it yet. Then yesterday found this and it hasn’t come back. I guess that explains the payment issue.

I’ve since heard from another business that they use IFTTT for this, so that may be a reasonable replacement. If anyone reads this and is interested then reply and I’ll follow-up with what I end up switching to.

Trackreddit was definitely a helpful tool for our marketing efforts.

The site is down The site is down

It seems that the project disappeared without a warning. Their Twitter account is silent. I reached out to the last known email address, but received no reply. I’m writing this article two weeks since it went down and I think it’s now reasonable to assume the author intends it to stay down.

TrackReddit alternative

Syften is currently the best available alternative to TrackReddit. It has the most powerful syntax and delivers results with at most a one minute delay. Here are a few examples of what it can track.

Subreddit tracking

Limit the search to just one sub-reddit. “go 2”

Find questions about a topic

Search the title of a post or comment for the keyword plugin and a question mark, in this one sub-reddit. title:plugin title:?

Track users

This includes comments and posts. Paid ads are just promoted posts, so you can track a marketing campaign as well. author:someuser123

Monitor Reddit posts

Limit the search to posts (new threads) only, and skip comments. The example below will notify about each new thread started on the r/saas subreddit. type:post

You can see more examples in the documentation.

Resume your Reddit monitoring

Migrate to Syften

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