Rob Walling got one thing wrong

When I quit my job and started bootstrapping my products I remember reading Rob Walling’s book, “Start Marketing the Day You Start Coding”. For someone who was at the beginning of his journey the book was a gold mine. I became a Rob Walling fan, so I did what every fan would do - I read all of his blog posts.

Advice from a mentor

In his article Why You Should Re-architect Your Career to Amplify Your Strengths he writes:

If you’re not a good writer and don’t enjoy it, don’t start a blog

Well, I was always a crappy writer and never enjoyed it. Then one day I learned that it’s a mandatory skill for business. So I read a book and a few tutorials. Steadily I learned how to write and I learned to love it. Recently I started receiving great testimonials:

A 180 degree transformation in one year.


You’ll probably hate dancing if you have a poor partner.

You’ll probably hate hiking if you pick boring hillocks.

You’ll probably hate programming if you chose a lame language.

When your conditions change, it may be worth retrying the things you used to hate.

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