Reddit Alerts

You can use Syften to receive alerts whenever a thread is started or a comment is posted with the keywords you want to monitor. This allows you to be one of the first to comment on a new post or find discussions that are relevant to you or your business.

You can also monitor the activities of other users, see their posts and track their paid ads.

The Slack integration will deliver an alert to your channel within one minute. If someone posts a link to your article your team can give it that initial nudge needed to reach the top.


Syften scans Reddit using the official Reddit API.

Use Cases

Track Go 2 discussions

Limit the search to just one sub-reddit.

Monitor a niche - questions about Shopify plugins

Search the title of a post.

Get a notification when a user posts something

This includes comments and posts. Paid ads are just promoted posts, so you can track a marketing campaign as well.

You can see more examples in the documentation.

Implementation Details

  • Syften sees the content from the perspective of a logged-out user
  • Alerts are available with an up to 1 minute delay
  • A comment's title is recreated from the slug and may be different from the posts's title
  • Item edits are not tracked
  • Reddit ads are just promoted posts, meaning that you can track ad campains
  • The replyto: operator is not supported



Configure an alert