Track Twitter Mentions

Twitter's enterprise pricing costs so much it dare not disclose the figure publicly; you have to ask the company to reveal the numbers.

And in an arduous journey through their corporate layers ask I did. Supporting Twitter in its entirety would raise the costs of Syften so much you'd probably laugh. Nevertheless I have found a way to receive about 12% of all English tweets matching the keyword "https" while keeping the subscription costs of Syften reasonable. If a Tweet gets retweeted 10 times there is a (very roughly) 1-(.88^10)=72% chance we'll get it.


PS. On 14 May Twitter added a new Filtered Stream to it's "Incubating" category on its public Platform Roadmap. The description is inviting and I hope to improve our Twitter coverage once it's released. Please contact us to be notified of any changes to how Tweets are filtered.

Filtering Tweets

Advanced sifters will find these details useful:

  • Tweets are available with a one minute delay
  • Tweets do not have a title
  • Syften expands URLs (normally they are shortened)
  • Usernames ("Screen Names") do not contain a leading @ symbol

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