Track Twitter Mentions

Twitter's enterprise pricing costs so much it dare not disclose the figure publicly; you have to ask the company to reveal the numbers.

And in an arduous journey through their corporate layers ask I did. Supporting Twitter in its entirety would raise the costs of Syften so much you'd probably laugh. Nevertheless I have found a way to receive about 12% of all English tweets matching the keyword "https" while keeping the subscription costs of Syften reasonable. If a Tweet gets retweeted 10 times there is a (very roughly) 1-(.88^10)=72% chance we'll get it.


Filtering Tweets

Advanced sifters will find these details useful:

  • Tweets are available with a one minute delay
  • Tweets do not have a title
  • Syften expands URLs (normally they are shortened)
  • Usernames ("Screen Names") do not contain the leading @ symbol