Filter Search for
syften the word "syften", "Syften" or "SYFTEN" (case insensitive).
google apple posts mentioning both of these companies.
"my podcast" the phrase "my podcast".
`fmt.Printf("hi!")` this exact string, without ignoring special characters. These are backticks, not apostrophes.
plug* "plugin", "plugins", "plug"... The star can only be placed at the end.
"good plug*" same as above, but for phrases.
beer NOT root the word "beer", but not if "root" is also mentioned.
title:domain title:name posts with a title that includes both "domain" and "name".
title:"domain name*" posts with a title that includes the phrases "domain name", "domain names" etc.
author:user1 author:user2 posts by user1 or user2. posts on the /r/startups subreddit or Hacker News.
replyto:someuser replies to this user. Use in conjunction with site:. This doesn't work for all communities.
type:post posts, i.e. the items that create new threads.
type:comment comments, i.e. replies to posts.
tag:sometag for use with multiple email addresses.
// blah blah blah a comment.

The filter a.b.c will match, among other things, the text "A... b!c". That's because special characters are ignored and word boundary logic is applied. This is what you would expect from a Google search.

If you want to match special characters, like a text editor search would, surround your filter with backticks (`a.b.c`).


Filter Description title:secur* See what interesting security topics show up on Hacker News "slack bot" See who's developing new Slack bots on Indie Hackers
"wordpress theme*" `?` NOT `https://` Look for leads to pitch your Wordpress theme to, while excluding links to other themes
mailchimp NOT `?utm_source=mailchimp` Get mentions about Mailchimp but avoid utm-tagged links

Site specific syntax

If you're interested in site specific filter syntax, please click the community name in the footer below, under "Communities". There you can learn how to filter out your messages in Slack for example, how often we check for new posts, or what limitations a particular community has.