The Syften Blog

Learn about social listening with step-by-step guides, tutorials and detailed case studies.


See how others do social marketing. Case Study

How to promote a Shopify app.

A Comment Worth $140

How to boost your luck.

You Should Get Yourself Banned

If you never got banned, you're not hustling hard enough.

One Comment - $640 ARR Plus

Replying to comments has been my most effective marketing tactic.

How I Use Syften To Grow Syften

Four use cases that I like the most.


How to configure and use Syften.

How To Find Mentions on Twitter

A step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of Twitter.

Constructing a Good Filter

How to improve your Syften results.

Great Artists Steal

Monitoring your competitors.


Prepare your content for sharing.

How to Start a Business Blog

Common mistakes, how to avoid them, and how to rank high in Google.

A Few 80/20 Tips for Writing

Apply a few simple rules to improve your style.

Writing a Blog Post Worth Sharing

Blogging is a means to an end, not a goal in itself.

Rob Walling got one thing wrong

Learn from the best. But the best are still human.


Random posts.

Improving SaaS Activation Rates

A step by step tutorial.

Google Alerts Doesn't Work. Why Did Google Break It?

The news industry, billions of dollars, and almond farms.

I lost two weeks by using Google Auth and Auth0

How not to do user authentication.


How to approach the different communities.

Finding Those First Few Customers (Zapier Story)

A guide on how to work hard to achieve reasonable results.

Building Relationships With Group Owners

Advice from the founder of the #1 SaaS Founder group on Facebook

Stealing Freelancers' Jobs

Steal business from jobs boards and freelancer sites

Reddit Marketing

Share your blog post on Reddit with confidence.

Hacker News Posting Guide

The mods are gods.

Content Marketing on Facebook Groups

It's easy to get banned. It's also easy to be popular.

Generating Traffic From Quora

Which questions to answer and how to avoid the spam detector. A Better Hacker News Alternative

Internet drama can lead to good things