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Responding to questions on Quora is one of the most effective marketing channels for new startups. Syften helps you stay on top of new questions and monitor what your competitors are doing.

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How exactly does Quora keyword monitoring work?

Syften constantly monitors new Quora questions and answers.

After configuring your keywords (perhaps the names of your competitors), we will send you a Slack or email notification as soon as a new question or answer containing your keyword is posted.

This way, you can learn which questions your competitors find valuable or be the first to reply to a new question.

So, what can Quora keyword alerts be used for?

When a new question matching your keywords is asked, you'll automatically receive an alert. This allows you to be the first to reply, making sure your answer receives the most views and remains at the top.

It also helps you keep track of what your competition is doing. If they consistently engage in answering questions over a long period of time, then it must be working.

Improve search traffic through search engine optimization

The primary reason you as a company should answer questions on Quora is to enhance SEO and drive targeted traffic to your landing page.

Sure, you should help the person who asked the question, but that's just one person. In the years to come other people who have a similar question won't bother writing on Quora - they'll do a quick Google search and find your answer there.

The same principle applies to Reddit. By targeting the right keywords on both communities and mentioning your product in your replies, you can improve your search engine rankings. Although the link itself may not hold much value, the content will contribute to better product positioning.

And as we now know, ChatGPT uses Reddit and Quora data to formulate its answers. So even without good backlinks, this will help you future-proof your position.

Isn't answering Quora questions time-consuming?

Writing content for each question would indeed be labor-intensive. However, if you already have a blog post about the topic, you can simply repurpose it.

You can ask ChatGPT to rephrase the content if you're concerned about search engines penalizing you for duplicate content.

How can I tell if it's working?

To find out if posting on Quora brings in new customers, you need to set up user acquisition analytics.

It might not be completely accurate these days, as privacy-focused browsers may block referrer information, but it can give you a decent idea.

How much time will this require?

Initially, you'll need to set up the keywords you want to track. This process might take up to an hour, depending on your niche.

But once that's done, we take care of the rest. We'll monitor new Quora questions and answers, notifying you when we find something that matches your keywords.

For Quora you can expect no more than a few notifications a month. If you reuse the content from your blog posts you can reply to them in just a few minutes a month.

Other than Quora, we monitor these communities:

Reddit Twitter Hacker News Product Hunt Indie Hackers Slack Quora Stack Overflow Lobste.rs Dev.to Server Fault Facebook Upwork Spiceworks Stack Exchange etc

How can I use keyword monitoring to find customers online?

Configure filters

Check out what our customers have to say

At Rewardful, we're huge believers in word-of-mouth marketing. I've used most of the social monitoring tools on the market and most have a lot of noise in the results or miss important conversations happening online. Syften returns the most relevant social mentions with the least amount of noise out of all the tools I've tested so far. Their community listening is the best on the market and I love how you can fine tune by source.

I love that Syften monitors all the communities I am part of but don't have enough time to check all day. Now, I can check my email and see conversations happening on Twitter, Reddit, Indie Hackers, and many more places. It's incredibly useful. Worth every dollar.

We use Syften to react to people saying things about us on the internet every single day. It's a set once and forget tool that just helps your team keep your pulse on whatever it is you care about.

Syften is awesome. I use it for my business so I can monitor the brand, and participate in online discussions which can help us attract new customers. I also use it personally to keep track of niche subjects that I'm interested in like emerging tech and products.

I've written a couple books and like to keep an eye on how and where folks are talking about them. Syften has helped me catch several key conversations that I otherwise wouldn't have seen. Even on the days without any notable alerts, I'm still happy to know that I haven't missed anything. A very useful tool.

We love Syften at PostHog and find it incredibly useful for listening to our open-source community. The Slack integration enables our entire team to find ways to connect with our users, whether it's the Marketing team sharing new content or the Engineering team answering technical questions. The filtering system is especially powerful and helps us separate the signal from the noise.

Syften has become integral to our business. It allows us to monitor *and* respond in real-time using their super simple webhooks. For example, when people mention our competitors being expensive on Twitter, Syften finds it and enables us to respond instantly with Zapier. It's paid for itself many times over. It even helped us secure $5M in funding for one of our community members. Michael has been overwhelmingly supportive over the past 18+ months we've been a customer and we couldn't be more grateful.

I use Syften every day and have been for a year. I looked at various other social listening tools but they were mostly aimed at big brands and enterprise customers and carried a hefty price tag. Syften tracks all of the major networks that I'm interested (even ones the big tools don't) and it's affordable for businesses of every size. Every day I get an email digest of people talking about my product for me to take immediate action on.

I gather the mentions I get from Syften and add them to our customer sales and partner presentations to show how our product is gaining mindshare amongst users on Reddit and forums. These slides are very impactful.

Syften has been a great tool to understand in which communities my website is being mentioned, or topics relevant to my business. It allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions and to identify some important actors in my niche.

Syften has enabled us to keep an eye on the topics related to our product. We can easily track posts about discount codes, email marketing, and e-commerce. We can then suggest using our service, or just be helpful answering questions on subjects that we are familiar with.

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Due to the technical nature of Quora, some more advanced Syften filter expressions might not work (e.g. "*ession" will miss mentions of "expression" on Quora).

Listen for questions containing the keyword "seo tools"

Syften can search Reddit, Twitter, and many other leading communities. To limit a filter to Quora only specify site:quora.com:

Listen for answers containing your company name

Quora results are either a question or an answer:

Listen to mentions of your company name everywhere

You only specify the site: or type: if you want to narrow down your results. If you want to search everywhere, you can skip that:

Implementation Details

  • Alerts are available with an up to 12 hour delay
  • Edits are not tracked

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