Hacker News Notifier

Syften scans Hacker News using the official Hacker News API.

Use Cases

Get notified when a new official "Who is hiring?" thread gets created

Get notified when a new remote Go job is posted

Get notified when your favourite author posts something

Get notified about new GitHub Actions

Implementation Details

  • Syften sees the content from the perspective of a logged-out user
  • Alerts are available with an up to 1 minute delay
  • Only the story has a title (comments do not)
  • Item edits are not tracked


  • Rarely some items may be available with a significant (several days) delay due to a Hacker News API bug. Those items will be visible on news.ycombinator.com, but not via the API. I've reached out to Hacker News staff, they are aware of the bug but don't intend to fix it due to ongoing work on a new version of the API.

Alternatives to Syften

  • HN Replies - E-mail notifications for Hacker News comment replies
  • HN Notifier - Get notifications as soon as your favorite keywords hit the Hacker News front page
  • HN Stream - Unofficial Hacker News Streaming API
  • F5Bot - F5Bot will send you an email whenever one of your keywords is mentioned on Reddit, Hacker News, or Lobsters