Hacker News Notifier

Someone posted a link to your article but it just withered and died?

Trying to get updates on your niche but need to dodge political click bait headlines?

Your team is engaging in conversations but it's just a free-for-all?

You got a few comments on your submission two days after you posted it but you didn't realise it in time?

What if instead you could get notified the minute someone posted a link to your site, to give it that initial nudge needed for success?

What if you got notified only when someone mentioned a name or phrase that you follow?

What if your team could see, right there in Slack, what everybody else was doing?

And wouldn't it be nice to always be the first one to reply to comments in your threads?

Use Cases

Get notified when a new official "Who is hiring?" thread gets created

Get notified when a new remote Go job is posted

Get notified when someone from your team posts something

Get notified about new GitHub Actions

Get notified when someone replies to you

Implementation Details

  • Syften scans Hacker News using the official Hacker News API
  • Syften sees the content from the perspective of a logged-out user
  • Alerts are available with an up to 1 minute delay
  • Only the story has a title (comments do not)
  • Item edits are not tracked


  • There is a bug in the API where every once in a while an item is unavailable. Those "invisible" items are displayed on news.ycombinator.com, but cannot be accessed via the API. Hacker News staff is aware of the bug but don't intend to fix it due to ongoing work on a new version of the API. Given that we try to fetch those missing items by scraping the website's html, which goes a little against their recommendations.


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