How I Use Syften To Grow Syften

Let me show you five use cases that have brought me the most benefit.

Monitoring similar tools

One of the no-brainer topics I advise new customers to look for is their competitors' domain or product names. Naturally that’s also what I do myself:

The two outcomes I hope for with these filters are:

  • finding people who are not satisfied with their current solution, so I can pitch Syften
  • uncovering threads where people talk about social monitoring in general, so I can be helpful and establish myself as an authority (and mention Syften)

Read how the above comment made me $640 ARR plus.

Monitoring myself

Every once in a while someone on Indie Hackers or Slack will mention Syften:

I make sure to upvote the comment, so it’s slightly highier, as well as the thread, so that it stays on the front page for a little bit longer.

Additionally, on communities like Indie Hackers, the original poster will get notified that you upvoted them, which I think is nice.

Upvote pods

Hate it all you want, but posts that go viral usually start with the original poster asking his friends for some initial upvotes. Did you ever notice how a message on Slack either gets no reactions, or multiple reactions of the same type?

Cognitively it’s a lot easier to make a decision to upvote something if it’s already been upvoted by others.

I’m a member of a Slack community of friends and we’re monitoring our usernames. When someone posts something new, Syften sends an automatic notification so that others can give that initial bump needed for success.

Monitoring those better than me

In a world that feels like it’s in a constant earthquake it’s really hard to learn internet marketing from a book. What worked last year will no longer work today. That’s why I track posts by marketers better than me, like Harry Dry or Tom Hunt, and learn from them.

It’s especially valuable to see what they’re up to in the various Slack communities.

Since their usernames differ in every community I mostly stick to just monitoring their domain names.

Monitoring those bigger than me

This is a page from the influencer marketing playbook. Do you want an influencer too big to read your emails to notice you? Reply to all his comments. For many great examples see what’s going on in the discussion section of Elon Musk’s Tweets:

This guy is persistent and after just three months he’s now getting 1100 likes within 4 hours of posting. He’s not only getting on Elon’s radar, but also on every Elon fan’s. I wonder how many people will download his game when it’s out.

I like to monitor messages made by Slack community owners in their own Slack communities.