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Responding to social, blog and community posts is one of the most effective marketing channels for new startups. Syften makes it so easy you'll feel like you're cheating.

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We use Syften to react to people saying things about us on the internet every single day. It's a set once and forget tool that just helps your team keep your pulse on whatever it is you care about.

Syften is awesome. I use it for my business so I can monitor the brand, and participate in online discussions which can help us attract new customers. I also use it personally to keep track of niche subjects that I'm interested in like emerging tech and products.

I've written a couple books and like to keep an eye on how and where folks are talking about them. Syften has helped me catch several key conversations that I otherwise wouldn't have seen. Even on the days without any notable alerts, I'm still happy to know that I haven't missed anything. A very useful tool.

Syften has enabled us to keep an eye on the topics related to our product. We can easily track posts about discount codes, email marketing, and e-commerce. We can then suggest using our service, or just be helpful answering questions on subjects that we are familiar with.

Syften constantly discovers actionable conversations related to our product. This allows us to engage with useful and timely replies, as well as focus on features that actually solve real user problems.

Syften has been a great tool to understand in which communities my website is being mentioned, or topics relevant to my business. It allowed me to engage in meaningful discussions and to identify some important actors in my niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this really work?

Yes, but only if you put in some work to figure out the best search queries and then to take action with your results. You can see how I boosted Syften's ARR by $640 with one Reddit comment, or how a friend made a comment worth $140.

Do you really search the entire Reddit live?

Yes, we aim for at most a 1 minute delay. And because we specialize in live content delivery (as opposed to searching historical data) we're able to perform advanced, cpu heavy search queries that are not possible for search engines.

How is Syften different from Google Alerts?

Google Alerts makes no attempt to provide complete results and misses most content - it's unsuitable for monitoring forums. On the other hand, it has access to Google's index, which means it scans the entire internet.

Because it's free, there is no reason not to use Google Alerts alongside Syften. But please make sure to also read about what Google Alerts is and isn't.

How is Syften different from Mention, Awario, Brand24 etc.

Those products are designed for large companies looking for sentiment analysis, crisis management and community influencers. Because they optimize their functionality for brand watching they are not well suited for niche monitoring.

If you have a few hundered mentions of your brand a month those services will suit you better. If you're looking to participate in online discussions, Syften has the advantage.

Do you support Twitter?

Yes, indeed we do.

Do you support Facebook?

Yes, we monitor selected Facebook groups.

Do you support Quora?

No, Quora makes it difficult to access their data by design.

I have more questions.

Contact us at (we'll reply within 24 hours).

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