Lobste.rs Notifier

Receive alerts whenever a thread is started or a comment is posted with the keywords you want to monitor.

  • If a link to your blog is posted you can give it that initial nudge needed to reach the front page.
  • Be the first to comment.
  • Find discussions that are relevant to your interests.
  • Monitor the posts of your favourite users.

Link on Lobste.rs

RSS notification

Syften scans Lobste.rs using the official Lobste.rs API.

Use Cases

Get notified when someone talks about OpenBSD

Get notified when your favourite author posts something

This includes comments and posts.

Implementation Details

  • Syften sees the content from the perspective of a logged-out user.
  • Alerts are available with an up to 1 minute delay.
  • Comments have the same Title as the Story they're in.


  • There are no known bugs.

Configure an alert