Great Artists Steal

Everybody knows that great artists steal. I even stole this post’s title from (great blog by the way). So let’s try to figure out the answer to a most pressing question: what will you be stealing?

Working on your product can be exhausting. So why not get some help from your competitors? By tracking their posts you can get new ideas for your product and learn how they’re dealing with their problems. Any why limit your tracking to just them, you can also keep tabs on colleagues who work on products in different areas.

Monitoring competitors

Suppose you’re competing with Acme Corporation. The obvious thing to look for would be their brand name and their domain name:


In this example the domain name contains the brand name, so we can actually just search for acme.

But we can do more. We can track their social accounts. On Reddit for example, an ad is nothing more than a promoted post. Once you figure out their account name, you can keep a closer eye on them:

By tracking competing brand names you’ll also be able to learn what their users tend to complain about.

Learn about new players immediately

Naturally, I’m monitoring a bunch of topics related to social listening. One day this showed up:

Maybe he knows something I don’t? Maybe we can work together? At the very least I can reach out.

Becoming a master of marketing

These days a university degree in anything related to tech is outdated the day after you receive it. The same can be said about books. So how can you stay on top of your game?

No doubt while hustling you’ve met other hustlers. Learn all the new tricks from the best by keeping tabs.

By monitoring all posts and comments by marketers better than me I’m able to build my own playbook. That’s also how I got some of my cool case studies.

Learning how Tom Hunt does it Learning how Tom Hunt does it


The internet world is a constant earthquake and you better learn to adjust fast. The easiest way to do that is to learn from friends and competitors.


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