Google Alerts Alternative

If you lurk around Indie Hackers or Hacker News for a while you'll get the impression that Google Alerts is the most popular keyword monitoring tool. Everybody knows about it, everybody tried it. It may therefore come as a surprise that Google Alerts doesn't really work. For an indepth explanation see Google Alerts Doesn't Do What You Think It Does.

In short, Google Alerts will:

  • Miss mentions that you can otherwise find with a Google search
  • Give you false positives

Google Alerts Comparison

Google Alerts Feature Syften
Free Pricing Free and paid
Simple filters Filtering Advanced filters
Undisclosed, but possibly the whole Internet Sources A few select communities
Misses results by design. Significant false positives Accuracy As precise and complete as possible
Email and RSS Notifications Email, RSS, Slack and API


Because they are free and crawl the whole internet, it definitely won't hurt to set up Google Alerts for your keywords.

Use Syften if you want advanced filters and don't want to miss results.