Founded in 2012 in Paris, is the biggest player in the keyword mention market. It's a multi-million dollar company that has access to sources Syften can only dream of. So how does it compare? Comparison divides it's plans into those with basic alerts and those with boolean alerts. Boolean alerts (similar to Syften filters) are available on the Enterprise plan, and what can I say - if you have the money that plan is probably better than Syften. The comparison below only takes into account their Free, Solo and Starter plan (all priced at or below $99/month). Feature Syften
Free and paid Pricing Free and paid
Simple keywords Filtering Advanced filters
1 (free), 5 ($99) Number of filters (free), 100 (€19.95)
Undisclosed, but possibly the whole Internet Sources A few select communities


Use on the Enteprise plan if you have the money, as it's probably better than Syften.

Use on the Free plan if you just want to monitor one keyword across the Internet.

Use Syften if you want many advanced filters to monitor your niche or scout for leads.


There is bad blood between and Syften as they threatened to sue me in a rather rude and pushy way.