Spiceworks community keyword monitoring

An automatic way to keep up with the Spiceworks Community without paying hundereds of dollars per month.

Syften is a social monitoring tool for small startups that want to take part in online conversations. While other tools are geared towards big brands doing sentiment analysis and measuring ad campaign effects, we help entrepreneurs interested in talking to their users directly.

Syften tracks the top online communities like Reddit, Twitter, Hacker News, Slack communities, Spiceworks Community and many others and alerts you immediately (with just a few minutes of delay) when someone mentions a topic you're interested in.

This allows you to jump in and either mention your product, help a user solve their problem, or learn what problems they're experiencing with the competition. And receiving the alerts into your company's Slack channel can help your team stay in sync and support eachother in their online efforts.

Use Cases

Monitor mentions of your product

Monitor mentions of your competitor

Track comments made by your competition

Track comments made by your team

Implementation details

  • Syften scans articles (aka "topics") and comments (aka "posts") from community.spiceworks.com every five minutes.

Monitor Spiceworks Community

Configure an alert